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Reparing of GRP Sectional Panel Water Tanks in UAE

Al Madina will rectify any water leakage or any cracks on the surface of the panel water tanks.With the number of years our technical team has been specializing, manufacturing, installing and refurbishing/replacing sectional water storage tanks will be done smoothly having minimal disruption to water supply. Our only aim is make customers satisfied with the service that we are offering.

In order to get better GRP water tank maintenance, we look for some causes of tank leaking. One of the most common causes of tank leaking is the age. It is a big consideration to know if how old is your tank now. No matter how good in quality your GRP water tank is, but you have been using it for quite long, then some part of it has come to its failing stage.
GRP tank leakages prevent you from continuing on using it. However to help you avoid the cost of buying a new tank, it would be better if we find where the leaking started to further assess what to do next.
In most cases, leaking from your water will come from the inside. Since GRP Panels are already waterproofed, you may have found another observation whether a crack is present of the leak comes from panels joints.

Method of GRP Panel Tanks Repairing


Your tank should be assessed first by our team of Experts. Commonly, based from our protocol, if a customer has reported a leaking GRP water tank and they require our assistance, we won’t hesitate to do a visit to the site. Thus, we primarily recommend you to contact us if leaking of your GRP water tank will exist.


Our team of Experts, after checking the leaking GRP Panel water tank, they can clearly see the issue and what your tank needs.In some cases, it is quite easy to determine by our team if the signs of leaks are shown on the tanks divisions wall. If this is the case, there’s a bigger possibility that the foundations and the base of the tank are not correctly done with respect to the tank capacity.


Once your tank is completely empty, we can now proceed locating the leak. Emptying the tanks means we already have the initial observation as to which part of the tank has leaks. Emptying it will simply mean checking the leaking part on a clearer view.

This is applicable if the GRP Tank leakage is only caused by a crack. This technique is in relation to general repair of Panel tank with Fiberglass Materials

Wherever the leak is occurring we will use Hand held or Electric rotary blade is recommended to use to widen the crack just a bit. By doing this will allow the crack area to possibly be filled with resin.

Using a dry rag, wipe the crack to make sure it’s clean and dry. If the crack is not dry and clean enough, the resin won’t adhere well.

With fair amount of Fiberglass materials resin fill the leakage area. Make sure that leakage is completely filled.

After getting dry, then apply two layers of Fiberglass Gel coat over the repaired area to make the repair unnoticeable.

4 Meter Height GRP Panel Water Tank
4 Meter Height GRP Panel Water Tank
2 meter height GRP Panel water tank
2 meter height GRP Panel water tank