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GRP Lining / Lamination / Water proofing for RCC Tanks

A GRP Fiberglass lined or Laminated or Waterproofed tanks will last the life of most facilities without corrosion-caused leaks or failures. Fiberglass lined / Laminated / Waterproofed tanks are not susceptible to corrosion, they're maintenance free. There is no need for periodic testing, record keeping or replacement of protection systems. You save the difference in time, money and concern over the service life of the tank and avoid potential financial liabilities.

Likewise GRP-Fiberglass Fiberglass lined / Laminated / Waterproofed underground storage tanks system can be used to store gasoline, aviation fuel gasohol (90% gasoline and 10% ethanol mixture), jet fuel, diesel fuel, potable water or waste water at ambient underground temperature or fuel oil at temperatures not to exceed 150°F.

Properly installed, GRP-Fiberglass Fiberglass lined / Laminated / Waterproofed underground storage tanks are strong enough to withstand constant and continuous contact with any media. Fiberglass lined underground tanks were designed to meet specific performance criteria in dry or fully flooded holes when properly installed.

GRP- Fiberglass lined / Laminated / Waterproofed storage tanks offer incomparable performance benefits combined with quick, easy installation.

Method of GRP Lining / Lamination / Waterproofing

1. Surface Preparation
2. Priming
3. Lining / Lamination / Waterproofing - application of fiberglass & resin
4. Top coating
5. Inspection

GRP Lamination in Concrete Tanks