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GRP Cylindrical moulded Water Tanks

Al Madina fiber glass offer optimum quality Water Tank using GRP that are corrosion resistant, leak proof and easy maintenance. These GRP Water tanks are made by HAND LAY UP process. It is available in horizontal and vertical type cylindrical or rectangular in shape. Our extensive experience help us to meet the industrial and commercial demands with our quality range of GRP storage tanks. These are ideal for storage of potable water/Treated Water/ Sweet Water.

We offer tanks of Capacities available from 1000 U.S. GALLON to 20,000 U.S. GALLON.

Salient Features:

. Corrosion Resistant
. Light In Weight
. High Impact Strength
. Superior Outlook

GRP Cylindrical Watertank underground and above ground
GRP Cylindrical Watertank, can be used undrground and above ground
GRP Cylindrical Water Tank
GRP Cylindrical Water Tank , can be used underground and above ground